Murals by Fannie Faivre Art

Give magic to your walls and your life 


The sea - Wall painting - abSmåland, Malmö, 2019.


Home is a nest for you, and the ones you love. A safe place where you relieve the pressure from the world, where you can recharge in love and energy.

I believe our environment as a lot to do with how we feel. 

What about having inside your home something very special made for you? that every-time you will look at it, will inspire you, make you dream for a little while and feed your soul with its colors and their magic.

I create mural paintings according on what you would like to feel and who you are. 

We start by a friendly meeting and we can discuss the project and the budget according to what is your ideas and my possibilities. 

As an artist there is some technics I cherish and my style will remain in everything I do but with your thoughts and ideas, it will become yours completely. 

I also create enchanted worlds for kid rooms. 



the fox and the moon - Wall painting on canvas in baby room




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 The spring flowers - Mural in Berlin, 2015


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The price for a mural depends on space and project. The first meeting is for free so contact me here -