ATELIER BLEU is a STUDIO where a group of artists and creators work. It is also an office for coaching for changes. We rent places to create, work digitally but also to do workshops. By doing so, we grow our community of creators, inspire each others and collaborate on some projects.
If you are interested in renting a space punctually or on a longer period, you are welcome to contact us. 
ATELIE BLEU is also a GALLERY where we show the work of the painter Fannie Faivre and the creations of our other designers/artists. You might see sometimes guest artists work as well. 
Here are the founders of Atelier Bleu and what they do
Creative and administrative director of Atelier Bleu : 
 Victoria Frélen
Coach - coaching women through all kinds of change
Fannie Faivre

Erik Back
Artist, Graphic designer and typography
Lover of written long things
(makes also very good coffee)

Ellinor Portisson Design
Artist, textile designer

Katinka Äppelros
Artist, Wood designer